Darker Side

If you've been following my blog for awhile now I think some of you would know about a super short, one picture blog post here. At that time I didn't want to upload the rest of the photos I took but recently I did another one (which I will upload another time) and thought to myself, what the heck. It's my blog, I think the photos turned out good, so why not share it? Most of you guys liked the first photo I shared anyway.
This photo was the first photo I uploaded on my blog post here. Below are the rest.

Yeah, so thats that. The first time I did such self-portraits, you can check it out here, were more girly. Anyways, your criticisms are much appreciated unless you start going overboard and start bashing me lol. I think the recent one I did, which I will be sharing soon is much better than these but yeah, hope you guys liked them. I'll probably upload these to my Facebook as well but that really depends. Till here, hope you are all well! Nx 


  1. I'm happy u finally posted them all! :DD
    SO PRETTY! The face contouring is awesome! :D
    can't stop looking at them!.. :D

  2. These self portraits are amazing, your hair is perfect <3

  3. LOVE!

    Lisa Linh

  4. Such a beauty.