I just settled one of my work so yeah here I am! Tweaked the blog a little bit here and there. Hope you guys like it. It easier to access all my social media sites now that they are in button form on the sidebar. Here's a crappy outfit post (lets hope I don't do shit like this again). Just a casual day out. Simple and comfy as always. 
Top: Black halter style cropped top, Forever 21
Bottom: Stripes maxi skirt, Cotton On
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Black open toes with ankle strap sandals, Zerra Culture 
I honestly think I look pretty 'big' in this outfit. Or maybe its just the skirt. It doesn't seem to fit very well. Anyways, till here, I hope you're all well and happy. Time to go try out my new printer haha Nx


  1. You find look big at all! Love the maxi

  2. chic combo! and the skirt looks like it fits well, it might just be the stripes and optical illusion from your POV.

  3. You don't look 'big' at all! Stripes will always make you look a little wider anyway.
    Love this ensemble... stripes are my all-time favourite print, especially in simple black and white. Really loving the cut of the top, too.
    Grace x

  4. You look gorgeous! I think it fits perfectly :) I wish I could pull off a maxi!

  5. I love to this type of sandals

  6. you are looking really dope in this outfit. its an amazing outfit to present someone special.