Seeing Through

Hello! Hope your holidays and celebrations all went well. Another quick outfit post for you guys. Went to watch a movie and have lunch with Kieran. Limiting my pictures again because I don't want to bombard you guys with pictures of the same outfit. Anyways, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy and it was really good. I think any Marvel movie is good. So excited for all the other upcoming Marvel movies to be released. Guardians of the Galaxy was a good combination of comedy, sci-fi and action. Worth watching in my opinion. Hoping to go watch Step Up: All In soon too! I went simple (yet again. I'll give you guys a more interesting outfit to look at next ok? lol). Decided to wear pants coz I haven't worn pants in a long time. Always in shorts.
Top: See through / translucent half sleeve cropped top,
Bag: Round beige sling bag, unbranded
Pants: Printed see through palazzo pants, Zara
Shoes: Wedge slippers, Bata
Also, you would probably think I live in a 'ulu' (outskirts) area when I mention this but I tried Burger King today and it was just, no. No. No more Burger King for me. Ever. McDonalds is the way to go. Just no. Oh and if you guys are interested in delicious and cheap burgers, try out Hamburger Inc.! Superb. Till here! Nx


  1. omg Nicole I loooooooooooove this look! <3 Much love for those pants!

  2. What camera do you use for your photos? :)

  3. You are amazing dear!

  4. Oh my gosh these trousers :o This outfit is absolutely gorgeous
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  5. HAHAHA- yea Burger King = don't go there (except for ice cream). This look is so cute! You are such a young looking blogger too- I'm guessing you are in high school? Great blog! I'm totally going to follow you on Facebook! :D I hope you can come visit my blog and follow back too (if you like it). I look forward to your visit!


    1. I'm actually in university already doing my degree but oh gosh, thanks man for saying I look like I'm in high school. Means I still look young! Hahaha. Will check out your blog x

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  7. These trousers are gorgeous and your style is incredible! Thanks for a lovely post

    Em x
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  8. Love the trousers, great colour! Wanna follow each other? Let me know x