FoodPanda x ncavien

 You know one of those days you get this insane craving for a certain food or drink but you don't have transport or just plain lazy to go get it? Or maybe you're just bloody hungry and are so sick of McDonalds already? Yeah, I get that a lot (way way way too often). Anyways, I recently tried out FoodPanda and yeah I must say I'm quite happy with everything. Its a food delivery website that is easy to use and definitely filled with many choices for you to pick from, Chinese restaurants, Malay restaurants, etc. (they even have 7-Eleven listed on it lol). They deliver to major cities in Malaysia and some of it does not have delivery fees (yay free delivery!)
Simple and easy. Sign up for an account and get started. Just narrow down where you live and you'll be able to see all the restaurants available for you to choose from. They also have a live chat on the bottom right of their website that has someone on the other to help answer your questions. I did ask a few and I must say they are really nice and helpful.

Once you've checked out your order, just be patient and wait for your yummy items to arrive! They will send you an e-mail and also a sms to your number to confirm your order. Easy huh? Yeah, perfect for lazy bums like me. Oh, and this month, they have special deals going on in conjunction with the World Cup 2014 so go check it out (cheap food, why not?). And also for this month, there are certain areas where they will deliver Ramadan Bazaar food for you (I personally love Ramadan food honestly, probably the most delicious Malay food, oh my god ayam percik is my favorite okay)
I ordered two Starbucks drink (which I'm enjoying now) but the first delivery guy was pretty rude when he rang me up to ask where I lived but then later on they changed to another delivery guy who was much much nicer. My drinks also arrived cold and not messed up, so I've got that going for me. Excuse my no makeup face and messy hair and heavy eyebags (like who the heck puts on makeup at home right?). I know I look crappy but its only because of the Brazil vs Germany game I woke up to watch (what an amazing historical game it was) - I'm team Germany btw hehe. So go try FoodPanda out and once you had, let me know how things went! I've already set in my mind what I'm going to order next haha. I know I'm late but to all my Muslim friends and readers, selamat berpuasa! Till here, will do an outfit post soon. Nx

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