Quick Update // Redang

Good morning! (um, its 9am now but it might be a different time when you're reading this) I haven't updated in a while so I thought I would do a quick one. I'm currently on my holiday with my family and Kieran. I was in KL recently (finally met up with Claire, it has been so long since we met up) but now I'm at Redang Island. My third time here and I must say I'm quite disappointed at how some things have changed. A lot of the resorts are getting modernised and just not as 'homely' as it was. The food and all is still good. I'm still staying on the quieter side of the Island and not the famous 'More More Tea' (the Cantonese movie starring Sammi Cheng)/Laguna Beach Resort/Redang Beach Resort side. Loathe that side of the island. Filled with all the noisy people. Not my cup of tea. The sea water is also not as clear as the last time I was here which is really sad. The sea water was really beautiful and now I can hardly see my feet. Anyways, the ambience is still great. I won't be updating about my trip (too lazy to bring my camera around) so do stay up to date by following my Instagram @ncavien. Until here, for those of you on your school holidays, have fun and to everyone else, I hope you guys are all well. Nx

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