Hey guys! I've slightly revamped my blog layout (this was the 'change' I was talking about in one of my Instagram -@ncavien- photo) . Its much cleaner now than it was before. All navigations at the top, easy access and all. If you have any comments about my new layout (bad or good, how I can make it better and such) please let me know. Right along, I decided to dress up a lil bit before I went out. For a change, I decided to wear pants, which by now anyone could tell, I hardly ever wear.
Top: Black halter cropped top, Forever 21
Bottom: Tropical print palazzo pants, Forever 21
Bag: Black minimalist sling bag,
Shoes: Wedge slipper, Bata
I hope you guys like the new layout. I might want to make a few more changes (if I am not feeling like a bum). Until here, I hope all of you are well and happy. Nx


  1. loving the new layout! ;)

  2. I love that outfit ! Especially your pant !

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  3. Those trousers look fab on you! Love the blog design too, very sleek x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. do you sell your unused clothes? pls do let me know id you do! your wardobe is amazing