I'm done with this sem! *grins* Technically I still have stuff to do for a project coming up end of the year but yay! I just started reading John Green's, Looking for Alaska and so far its really good! But oh my goodness am I relieved I finished and handed in all my assignments ahead of time. Anyways, last weekend I celebrated my aunts birthday together with my family and this was me outfit! 
One thing though, when I saw this dress online, I thought to myself 'what a nice simple dress' and indeed in the picture, on the model it looked really good - not too sexy/too tight, just simple and nice. And then when it arrived, I tried it, and my goodness, I looked like a hooker. I had to sew the straps of the dress so that it isn't too low cut and the slit on the sides so that it wouldn't be showing too much. My arse felt like it was gonna explode out of the dress! But nonetheless, the quality is good lol
Dress: Black simple bodycon dress with slit, Fashionvibes966 
Outer: Beige knitted cardigan, Yessica
Bag: Black soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Classic Chuck Taylors, Converse
If there is anything you want me to post more about, do let me know, may it be videos, DIY or whatever. I'm super free now! Haha till here, hope all of you are doing well. Nx


  1. omg you look soooooooo smokin hot in this dress!
    you look good in everything!

  2. soo cute photos, love the dress! totally stunning<3
    Emma xx

  3. Post more DIYs..i tried all ur previous diy n it was easy n simple but very nice..thx^^

  4. Post more DIYs..i tried all ur previous diy n it was easy n simple but very nice..thx^^

  5. Holy cow you have no idea how great this dress looks on you! It's seriously fabulous! But yea good idea on sewing the slit a bit otherwise that would have been super scandalous hahaha (but it probably would still look amazing on you)

    Love how you styled this and congrats on handing in all of your assignments! I personally know how great that feels!


  6. That dress is very beautiful ! X