Say Something

Did my first actual song cover lol. If you put aside my annoying, ugly face, I think I don't sound so bad. Big thanks to Steven for doing this cover with me and for the awesome editing. Thanks to Jxhia for helping us out. Personally I dont think this song is meant for me. I sound freakishly girly in this video, idk why lol. I usually sound a bit more... strong and manly hahaha. Maybe I'll do another cover of one of my favorite songs another time. I know I need major improvements but I hope you guys enjoy it without having your ears bleed hehe. 
Today I just finished a photoshoot with Jonquilkiss. Its my first time doing a photoshoot for something that isnt just some random crap. At the moment I'm feeling very insecure about how it will turn out but at the same time very excited. Till then, wait for the photos and shop!! Nx


  1. i thought you were great! :)

  2. You sound amazing my dear! But I agree to you, your voice suits stronger and powerful songs better. Looking forward to your future covers!

  3. You sounded so good! I wish I could carry a tune like you whenever I (try) to sing my friends always tell me I'm sooo off tune haha. The vid looks so professional too! Can't wait to see your photo shoot pics :) x

  4. I love your voice! I actually wish I was as amazing as you are at singing! :) Keep it up!