After 2 years of dating, we finally went out for a movie night and even then it was more evening than night lol. It was fun even though we didn't have dinner because we weren't hungry. We watched 300: Rise of an Empire which was so bloody it was so good. The censorship was really choppy so I might go get the DVD or something but the movie was fantastic (in my opinion at least) and I think it wasn't a sucky movie sequel. Anyways, here was my outfit for the night. 
Top: Black knitted cropped sweater, Zara
Short: Lace lined grey shorts, Melody Wardrobe
Bag: Black soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Basic black sandal heels, Payless
The shoes were a pain, I barely walked and it was biting on to my heel and toes. I guess its suitable only for dinners or occasions where there is barely any walking to do. The shorts don't fit very well but I can't get over how beautiful the lace lining is! I tried to go for a more clean outfit instead of my usual 'grunge' or 'edgy' style. Hope you all are doing well and not bombarded with assignments like me. Till here! Nx


  1. wow you look stunning! :) hope your date was fun, your outfit was definitely perfect! :)
    Emma xx

  2. Perfect date outfit! If only you reaped less pain from the heels, though. Otherwise you look so lovely x


  3. I love those shorts!