Another CNY outfit! My CNY celebration has been great so far. Have been eating non stop! This is probably the first year of CNY celebrations where I over ate. So yeah, wore this outfit during the reunion dinner at a small restaurant. I was pretty over dressed but what the heck. It was a good dinner anyway. Sorry for the crappy pictures again, I was a bit in a rush and my room lighting was really bad.
Top: Marble printed asymmetrical crop top, Zara
Bottom: Black asymmetrical skirt, Something Borrowed via Zalora
Clutch: Faux silver snake skin clutch, Parkson
 Shoes: Black strap sandal heels, Payless
I don't think I'll blog anytime soon after this but do follow my instagram @ncavien for more updates! Till here I hope you guys are all well and stay well. Nx


  1. You look gorgeous here! I love the whole outfit! Also, when are you going to do your next makeup tutorial? loved the previous one and hope you'll do one soon!

    1. Thanks Denise! I don't think I'll be doing one anytime soon coz my makeup skills kinda suck and I hardly put on makeup.

  2. the skirt looks big but you look skinny how did it fit??

    1. The skirt doesn't fit me well. It is slightly bigger for me.