Shane Filan Autograph Session

HELLO! Its 10pm which is like, pass my bedtime (I know its freaky how early I sleep) so I thought I would blog about this long overdue post, Shane Filan's autograph session at 1Utama. He announced it really late so I booked a flight down to Subang immediately (like, 20mins right after he posted it on his fb). I think nearly anyone who knows me know I'm a HUGE Westlife fan since like, the song 'No No' haha.

Even though they have disbanded, I still support the guys and it has been a dream for about 13/14 years to meet anyone of the Westlife guys. I didn't manage to take a photo with him but it was magical just watching him perform his latest singles up front and to be able to shake his hands. Its a dream come true!!!
My outfit and rings.
The big big poster. My God, it was so surreal. I took some videos too but I don't wanna upload them coz they are a bit too shaky. Below are some of the pictures I took of Shane, and can you imagine, I didn't had to zoom!
My autograph copy of Shane's deluxe edition album of You and Me. So proud of this copy coz it has my name on it! Hehehehe. Do get a copy of his album if you love, love songs which has a slight country feel to it. Check him on youtube too. Support support!
I will be posting up an outfit post once I'm done editing the photos. Do stay tuned coz I'm finally done with my assignments. Till here! Nx

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