Holiday : Macau

First of all, Merry Christmas! (A day late). Fair warning, this post is filled with pictures from my trip to Macau. I quite enjoyed this trip but I feel Macau really isn't a place for travel if you're into sight seeing like me. It really is for those gamblers. The environment is no fun thanks to all the extremely rude and loud people around who I must point out, have absolutely no manners. The food was, meh. Nothing spectacular really. 
Day 1
We arrived really late thanks to Air Asia for delaying our flight for 1 hour 45 minutes. It was ridiculous. I can't express how annoyed I was at the flight delay. My flight from Penang to KL was also delayed by about half an hour, also Air Asia. Simply horrible. As you arrive at Macau International Airport, remember to check again if there is a shuttle bus to where you're staying instead of taking a cab right away. The shuttle bus is free and convenient. Anyways, we stayed at The Venetian Macau. Lovely, lovely place to stay to be honest. The ambiance was so nice.
Comfy flight outfit
Outer: Knitted cardigan, Topshop
Top: Basic tee, Zara
Bottoms: Navy blue jeggings, Topshop
Bag: Longchamp
Above is the Main Lobby.
Below is the room I stayed in. The bathroom was so nice haha.
Below is the mall in The Venetian. Very well done. There were a lot of shops but it was quite tough trying to get around because the place was extremely huge.
Day 2
The next day was sight seeing. We went to the city area also by shuttle bus. Easiest and most cost efficient way to get around Macau quite frankly. 
Top: Bart Simpson sweater, Cherryboom
Bottom: Zipper A-Line skirt, Topshop
Bag: Longchamp
Socks: Knee Highs, Daiso
Shoes: Buckle boots,
We went straight to the famous Senado Square which led to the ruins of St. Paul.
In pictures I've seen online, Senado Square looks really beautiful. In reality, it really wasn't. Maybe it was because the place was flooded with annoying, loud and rude people and also unflattering Christmas decorations. It wasn't what I was expecting. I expected more heritage buildings but there were so few.
The ruins of St. Paul. An amazing history behind it but not as amazing in real life. Still a stunning view but idk what the heck that heart shaped thingy is there for. Spoils the view!
With my mom. I look ridiculous here lol
We went to Galaxy Macau that night because it looked so beautiful from the outside. The inside was so boring I couldn't even. It was plain and nothing spectacular like The Venetian. The building (picture below) on its on when lit up is however really stunning. 
Day 3
Another sight seeing day. We took a cab this time to the famous A-Ma temple (Ma Kok Miu).
Top: Long sleeve cropped top,
Bottom: Leggings, Unbranded
Shoes: Buckle boots,
Outer: Button jacket, Esprit
Bag: Longchamp
The temple was really nice. It's really really really old but still well maintained. 
Winter at Cotai Strip
Later that night we went for the famous House of Dancing Waters show. My picture do absolutely no good to show you how amazing the show was. It was really costly but it was worth the money. A must see if you're in Macau! Absolutely stunning water effects, stunts, and acrobats! It was so good.
Day 4
Last day was shop shop shop! But only bought 3 pieces of clothing because everything is so overpriced! Somehow the Zara there is more expensive. Took an evening flight back.
Outer: Knitted cardigan, Topshop
Top: Basic tee, MNG
Bottom: Zipper A-Line skirt, Topshop
Socks: Knee highs, Daiso
Shoes: Buckle boots,
Before I sign off, to those of you who made it till the end of this post, I have to tell you guys a story about something I experienced at a restaurant in Macau.
As I was about to leave the restaurant after a satisfying meal at Lei Garden, The Venetian, a man, stood up from his seat and started shouting at a waitress (in Cantonese) saying 'Do you eat shit? You must have been raised eating shit' or something similar to the waitress. I was like, wtf? And you know why he did that? Because the waitress, nicely told his child who brought food in, that there are no outside food allowed. REALLY?! SERIOUSLY?! Absolutely ridiculous.
I'm planning of changing my blog layout. Suggestions maybe? Until here Nx.
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.


  1. may I know which model of Nikon you using? because the quality pictures are so awesome! (:

  2. You brought lovely outfits, i like all the three specially the last one.