Hello! Just thought I would post something on my blog to let you guys know I'm not dead yet. I'm still struggling with my assignments. Btw, to all of you who wished me on my birthday, thank you very much! Anyways, I took a few screenshots of my most used online media to share with you guys. Do follow if you think the pictures I reblog/pin/post are nice/inspirational ok?
I think majority of you guys know I'm most active on Instagram. Do follow for daily updates.

I go onto Tumblr every night before I sleep. I reblog a shit load of photos everyday so for more inspiration of what inspires me, do follow.

I don't update my pinterest as much but I do pin a lot of things that I really like. Inspiration stuff again!

VSCO is a new site allowing people to share photographs. I love the filters, its like a high end version with no stupid selfies of instagram. I do update once in a while pictures I don't post anywhere else. VSCO now allows you to follow a person so I guess if you have an account, follow me! 
Don't expect me anytime soon, but I will be back! Nx


  1. I love VSCO grid! But i feel that it's so photography orientated I can't link it to my blog about fashion like I can with instagram. I guess it's good to keep some things separate & have something private.

    The Fashann Monster

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