Happy belated Deepavali! Sharing a bunch of photos I took on Deepavali and my outfit. To everyone who celebrated, I hope ya'll had a good one.I decided to wear something that had a more, indian vibe to it I guess? Haha it's a new top so I was really excited to wear it.
Yes yes, I finally have a cupboard to keep all my shoes!
Top: Black embellished cami top, Topshop
Shorts: Light blue denim shorts, Unbranded
Bag: Leather sling tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Beaded sandals, OperaP.S: I drew the henna on my hand! :3
Below are a whole lot of photos I took at one of my closest friend's place that aren't great but would like to share you guys. 
Friends since kindergarten. 
She never fails to watch out for me since primary school. Much love. 
 I won't be updating anytime soon coz it's time to rush my assignments. Till here! Nx


  1. Your photos are flawless, Nicole! Love the outfit, henna and overall amazing vibes <3

  2. Your room is so cute! Love your outfit too :)