Picture spam! Because I'm a vain pot haha. I felt great that day coz I recovered from the horrible flu and cough that made me so sick for a week. My body felt great and surprisingly looked pretty good after a week+ of not working out. Hope you guys don't mind the picture spam tho. A quick casual outfit as usual.
Top : Sleveless Crop Top,
Shorts : Sophia Tropical Short, Cotton On
Shoes : Wedge slipper, Bata
Bag : Soft Leather Sling Bag, Longcamp
Went and watch Insidious Chapter 2. I came out of the cinema smiling ear to ear because the movie so good. I'm hoping there would be a 3rd part to it since the ending was, well, potong steam (basically unfinished) lol. I hope all is well for you guys and I will blog soon! I haven't even started on my assignments yet, what. Till here! Nx


  1. I don't mind the photo spam. Especially when it's someone who's so stylishly dressed.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. do you own a skort.? if you do. think you could give me some ideas on what to wear it with.? cause I have got no clue. thank you in advance! xx

    1. Check out the pieces I put together for a skort here

      Hope this was helpful :)

    2. thankyou! xx have you got yourself one from Zara yet? they're amazing.

  3. Love this comfy yet edgy and chic outfit of yours <3

  4. Can I know the size of you bag ? (: I am so in love with your outfit ♡♡♡