No Change

Its October! An even better reason to wear more black (coz it's Halloween month). Just a quick outfit post. I'm gonna be really busy the next few months so not much post. And thank you so much for all the lovely feedback's about my video. Will hopefully do more.
Top - Platinum Mall, Bangkok.
Skirt - F.O.S.
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Shoeshaven 89

I highly recommend not to purchase items from shoeshaven anymore because of the horrible service. I understand that they receive a lot of emails but sometimes the refund never gets processed even though they say they will and majority of the shoes I've ordered always gets delayed. The shoes sold by them are however very comfortable. I will be back soon! Nx


  1. You seriously have some of the best style I've seen. You always wear outfits I'd love to wear myself.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. followed you on bloglovin dear! and fan on LB <3

  3. Love your pics, so sweetie and unique Following!

  4. love this outfit! always a sucker of all black fits and LOVE your boots. also, thank you for the follow, followed you back on bloglovin' and looking forward to your updates.