Happy Halloween! This was my outfit today even though I had no where to go except college. Tried a different approach to my pictures today. My first time doing FX makeup and also, without using FX makeup products. I think it turned out pretty okay. The black on black was inspired by Morticia Addams.
I think the slash on my throat looks more like an ugly necklace lol
Top: Basic black tee, Mango
Bottom: Maxi tight black skirt, Topshop
Shoes: Black platform chunky heels, Shoeshaven89
Because I didn't use FX makeup products, the scar peeled off quickly within 4 hours from all the movement. So I suggest if any of you guys are gonna do it, make sure you're not out for too long and sweaty! I hope I improve on this makeup skill coz it's really fun to do. Hope you guys had a good Halloween! Nx

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  1. Oh my goodness, I thought the slash was actually a chocker but then I saw hahaha
    this outfit is definitely great for halloween :~) especially the slash