A new semester just started and I'm already hating it so much. Anyways, last Saturday I attended a dinner event held by Ninetology called Social Urbanite to promote the new launch of the U9 series. This was my outfit for the night.
Top from Hong Kong Station, Sungei Wang, black jeans from Topshop, awesome pair of Unif Hellbound knock offs and my go to Longchamp bag.
Cheryl's and my outfit.
Met these pretty girls there as well. Do check out ninetology.com for more information of their Android based phone.
I will be doing a post on my make up I wore the night of the event (because I just love it so much) soon. For more frequent updates, do follow me on instagram @ncavien. Till here! Nx


  1. Keep fighting! Uni is always stresful >_<
    Love your Outfit here! *_* I totally fell in love with your Hellbounds and you have a admirable figure to wear them. <3

    Lot of love

  2. Lush outfit <3


  3. Your outfit is fabulous, your room is picture-perfect and your figure is amazing! You must know that already though, because you indeed rock it. xo

  4. ♥ Nice look ♥

  5. I really love how you wore an almost all black outfit that oozes attitude while in the last photo you're sitting with girls who are all wearing white. It truly shows your individuality & style.

    The Fashann Monster

  6. i love your room! i love your outfit! i love you dear <3