Make Up // Casual Night Out

It's my first make up video. It's not a tutorial but more of just how I did my make up the night of the Ninetology event. I honestly really like this look because I hardly ever put on make up so anything subtle makes quite a difference for me. I might take this down if I don't feel comfortable about it. It took me a lot of guts to put this up coz I can't photoshop myself in the video like how I can remove any flaw or imperfection in my photos. Products used and the song is in the description box. I hope you guys enjoy this one and positive feedback's are well appreciated. Till here! Nx


  1. that t'was pretty cool. thank you for that. :)

  2. hey nicole...that was a really nice video.i hope u do more of these! they are so wonderful to watch...

  3. So pretty ! ! More video please :D