Recently did a photoshoot with the sweetest looking girl Jxhia. I was so glad she said yes to this photoshoot hehe. It was really nice to photograph her coz she knew what she wanted to do with her body and face very well which mad it really easy to photograph her. I feel the need to repeat this but I'm not pro. I do, however, hope you guys reading this post enjoy the photos!

The photo above is my favourite. She looks so badass!
You can find her on instagram @jxhia and also on her blog jxhiawong.com. I recently hit the 1000 followers mark on my instagram (I know its not big deal but to me its quite a big deal ok? hehe) so do follow me for more updates @ncavien
If you have my facebook or follow my twitter you would know that I recently went to Linkin Park's concert and it was EPIC. I'm flying down to KL again soon for a shopping spree/buddies time. Will update soon and hopefully an outfit post heh. Till here! Nx

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