Holiday : Bangkok

Just a fair warning, this post is filled with photos of places I don't remember the names of, so please bare with me. 
Right, I went to Bangkok last week, which I did mention in my last post I think? I miss blogging to be honest. Even if I have little readers, for those who do come by and check my blog often and actually read and go through the pictures, THANK YOU! 
Okay, back to Bangkok! Just so you know, my post is not going to be anything about shopping (like most people go to Bangkok for), mine is filled with touring the area's famous places. Honestly, I didn't enjoy myself much while I was there. Reasons? 
  1.  I had a horrible gastric on my last day. It was disgusting. Bad. Terrible.
  2. The shopping was absolutely dissapointing. Just, it sucked. Yeah it was cheap but the items kinda sucked.
  3. We wanted to do so much but had too little time = super tiring.

On the first night we arrived, my parent's friend took us around for food and also to see a night market area.
The second day we were there we tried to do some shopping. Bought a few items, not as much as I was expecting coz the items were... meh. I really don't like shopping there. No pictures on that day. Was too lazy to bring my camera out.
On the third day we went to the ancient city, Ayuthaya which was previously the capital of Thailand. From here on it's gonna be mainly pictures and just a few thoughts. 
Okay, one thing about all the Buddha statues that were kept from like, super long time ago look so happy and calm! Like everyone of the Buddha statues were so happy it made me happy too haha.
The famous Buddha head with the roots of a tree surrounding it. A very stunning sight indeed.
Fourth day we went to the floating market and also the Grand Palace. I swear the Grand Palace was really beautiful but omfg the tourists that were there... they ruined everything. Loud and rough. Spoilt the mood really.
The old aunties at the floating market were so cute and friendly!
At the Grand Palace I was so amazed at the amount of effort put into every single detail of the building. It was just amazing.
And thats it! That was my Bangkok trip in pictures. It was a good experience really. I doubt we would ever go back there for another holiday. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictured even though it really isn't good at all. I think the pictures I took in London and Paris (which you can find under the holiday tag) were much much better. But till here! Will the a haul post at the end of the month. Nx


  1. I went there once and I couldn't take the humid atmosphere. You're right, shopping isn't as great as it's made out to be.
    I love the Buddha head caged in the tree roots, that is such a stunning sight. Something about that is instantly therapeutic. At least that's an upside! :)

    LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'

  2. looks so awesome

  3. Your trip looks so amazing :) glad you had a lovely time!
    I'm so jealous, it's such a beautiful part of the world ♥ xx

    1. Omg it means the world to me that you saw my blog and commented. Thank you so much <3 You're really inspiring :D

  4. The statues and ancient buildings are so beautiful! I love the detailing at the Grand Palace, would love to visit this part of the world one day.

  5. OMG, your photography is off the charts!! I love them, totally unedited right? or what app did you use?

    1. Thank you! Haha I do adjust the lighting (curves, levels) a lil bit. I use photoshop :)

  6. these pictures are so beautiful! i usually stop there when i go to taiwan but we never have time to look around! need to see these places

    Across the Nightingale Floor

  7. I'd love to visit Bangkok one day, my friend used to live there and she always talks about how beautiful it is! <3

    Ellen xx

  8. fantastic photos, I'm going to Bangkok this wendsday, hope I'll see all of that !