Dark Haul

Sharing some pictures with you guys from my recent haul. I did quite a lot of shopping the previous weekend coz I went down to KL. 
Right, to start off, I bought two pieces from Topshop. One zipper skirt and I know I shouldn't have but a jersey crop top.
Plain black peplum top, black mesh flair skirt and black tiger printed skirt from H&M
3 unbranded items from Berjaya Times Square. Swallow print top, galaxy peace sign print top and my favourite out of all, triangle mother teresa print jumper.
My two bright pieces, freedom USA print top from Forever 21 and mint green crop top from Zara.
Two perfumes from Victoria's Secret. Makes me smell like fruits and flowers hehe.
And I finally bought a lipstick in the exact shade I want from Sephora. Super goth I love it.
I hope you guys are doing well. I'm not doing so well myself but I do hope this month would do all of you lovely readers good. Till here Nx.

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