HELLO HELLO! I would like to think that some of you miss seeing updates from me but I'm pretty sure no one is haha. Quite sad but anyways, this is going to be quite a lengthy post filled with nonsense pictures I call 'my photography'. I'm no pro, I know, but I enjoy taking and editing photos. Took the photos last Saturday when I went to Penang's Heritage area. Best place ever. Like when I go there, I just suddenly feel so happy to be a Penangite/Malaysian. I wanted to go to Little India so yeah, we ended up walking around the heritage area as well.
Kiekie has never been into a temple so we went in to one which he claimed 'called to him'.
I wanted to go to China House but it was so packed we left. China House is getting too crowded these days and it kinda sucks. Back then it was the coziest, most chill place ever. Now its just always crowded
So we ended up trying out this new place opposite China House called Cozy in the Rocket. MY NEW FAVOURITE PLACE. It's cozy and just... so nice. They could add some more items to their menu though. However I really did like the atmosphere there. 
Black camisole from Mango, crochet shorts from Forever21, boho sandals from Opera, vintage sunglasses from Baleno and my favourite at the moment, Sephora Rogue in Bewitched. I think I gained a lil weight.
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On the other hand, I'm going to dye my hair this weekend using the Revlon drug store dye and since it's my first time I have the slightest clue how to do it. So if any of you guys know, please please leave me comments or messages on tips and tricks. Till here Nx.


  1. They are really nice photos & the food looks delicious. Lovely outfit.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. These are gorgeous pics - looks like such a lovely place. You look very cool xx


  3. what websites or apps do you use to edit your pictures?

    1. wow! that's solid effort. your pictures look stunning. keep updating! xx

  4. hi may i know where u shot the batik pic?