Kitty Me

Outfit post as promised. This was put together yesterday. Nothing fancy but I think this look is quite cute. Just a short one. Put together a girly bottom lace top with simple denim shorts. Diamond kitty ears headband and kitty wedge heels to add a lil fun into the look.
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Forever 21 (DIY)
Bag: LongchampHeadband: Cherryboom Fahsionstore
Shoes: shoeshaven89
Do leave me messages! It's nice to receive cute/nice/funny/flattering ones. Till here! Hope you guys are having a pleasant weekend (tho it's raining now at my place) Nx


  1. You are probably one of my fav bloggers! I love ya style ya blog and... ya room! Haha keep it up!

  2. Can you write a post on how to keep fit like that? I absolutely love your legs!

  3. Your room is so awesome! The shelving around the sides is such a great idea! Of course I love your outfit too!