Black & Yellow

HELLO! Just got back from work. Blogging right after work. Lol. Here's a quick one for you guys. My outfit on labour day. Had a movie date with the boyf. Watched Long Weekend, the Thai horror movie. I must say the faces of the ghost weren't as scary as I expected but the twist in the storyline was pretty damn cool and unexpected. Good movie! 
Top: Cherryboom Fashion Store
Bottom: Forever21
Bag: Longchamp
Sunglasses: Local boutique, Georgetown
Shoes: Converse
Until here for now! Nx 


  1. Love this attire of yours especially your bottom. =)

  2. Bart Simpson!!! Lol your top is really cute and cool! I love your bottoms as well :-)

  3. Love the bottom ! <3

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  4. love your sweater!
    followed you via Bloglovin:* do you want to follow each other??;)
    Emma xx

  5. Such a lovely ootd I'm in love with the millions of barts on your jumper so cool ! :) lovely blog xo