Unbranded Mini Haul

Mini haul today. Went to Prangin Mall (probably the best mall in Penang to get really cheap unbranded goods) and bought everything for under RM40. Its damn worth it! There were a few shops that had really good pieces but were quite costly. So basically here are the items I bought and the shop name so you guys can go ahead over to Prangin Mall to get it.
This two tops are my favourite from this mini haul. Both T-shirts.
Symbols and Slipknot Printed Tees from OGC
Cross Black Suede Skirt from MC Show Boutique
Stars and Studs Denim Shorts from one of the shops by the escalater (sorry I forgot the name)
Superman/Batman Logo Sleeveless Tee from Moris (1st Avenue)
If you wanna know the price just leave me a message or comment. Can't wait to wear these! Nx


  1. I love the black cross skirt!

  2. Oh these all look so amazing yet inexpensive! I've been to Malaysia so I think I have a rough idea of what RM40 is; you scored yourself some sure bargains. Wish I could shop there :) x

    1. It really is great. Malaysia's currency is much lower so for those from other countries it would be even better bargain!

  3. you obviously, are one of my favourite blogger. Can't believe we're from the same country!
    love your blog to the max, keep up the amazing work hun xxx

    xxx, Richeen