New In

In case some of you still don't know, I have an online shop, Vanguard Boutique which is still on a facebook page. I might make a blog for it but it might be a little bit difficult for me to manage so much. Anyways, we've got new arrivals! Only a few this round. These are items still available.
Baroque Print Skirt, RM40
Cat Techno Top, RM53 
Kitty Face Dress, RM55
All items are ready stock which means you'll be able to receive the items 1-2days after the payment has been made. Do head over to Vanguard Boutique and leave us a message to place an order! Nx


  1. How are you so thin ? :( whats your motivation? can you please do a fitness post ? x

    1. I'm not thin tbh. Average only. I don't have time recently to do a fitness post. I'll try maybe. My motivation? Erm, torturing myself looking at pictures of fit amazing girls haha.