Ben's (+outfit)

Had lunch at Ben's, Paragon on Sunday with my family plus the boyfriend. It was a really nice place to chill and the food is pretty good too. Not amazing tho. Slightly pricey I guess. If you're there just for a drink I think it'll be a great place coz the environment is really nice.
My outfit for the day. I know I'm a tad bit short to wear a maxi skirt but I really really love this skirt lol.
Top: Topshop
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Local boutique, Surfer's Paradise
Bag: Longchamp
Sunglasses: Local boutique, Georgetown
Watched Iron Man 3 after lunch. It's just epic. Must watch in my opinion. Not overrated. Anyways, I won't be able to blog much coz I'm starting work tomorrow! Wheee. I might, however make my next post a rant. I have a lot going on in my head that I just want to blah all out. But till then loves! Nx
To the anon who wanted the antler DIY photo's, it would be great if you could just email me at :)


  1. Fantastic post! <3
    I think us shorties have the right to wear maxi skirts, they actually seem to elongate our figure. Going to watch Iron Man 3 tomorrow; it's nice to know some bloggers who provide their opinion! :)

  2. The food looks great and love what you were wearing!