Four S

Four S : Skull, Studs, Shorts and Stockings.
I have been dying to wear my stockings out and finally got the chance to wear it. My iPhone is currently in for repair which means no instagram for probably about 2weeks? Unless I use my boyfs phone hehe. I like to believe these stocking make my legs look a tad bit skinnier.
Top : Coconut Island
Shorts : Topshop 
Bag : Topshop
Shoes : Miss Whatever 
Sunglasses (my fav): Local shop at Camden Town


  1. I love your blog & you're style is cute & edgy so I'm gonna follow you :)
    The skull top & the shoes are awesome!!

    1. Thanks sweetie. I just followed you on bloglovin hope you follow me back there. I saw your blog and your looks are so simple yet stylish!