Floral decor

Re-decorated one side of my room! No major transformation, its just a little bit more tidy and less ugly. This side of my room is the study table and my inspiration/accessories corner.
Replaced that ugly make-up box with a floral bowl (only RM3.60) with two wired roses.
Added a bunch of flowers and a picture frame of me and my mom. Looks sweeter now.
Replace that ugly pencil box with a DIY glass.
Replaced the box of nail polish chucked with a bunch of bracelets with a floral plate (only RM5) to make it easier for me to pick out my nail polish and a DIY suppose-to-be-antlers (because I doubt the sell antlers in Penang). I know my antlers looks a bit like chicken feet but it was all done by trial and error so I must say it looks not bad. Pretty steady too!
Till here for now. Nx

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