DIY : Braided Headpiece

DIY TIME! Got bored when Kie was asleep and I've seen this headband diy that a lot of bloggers had done. This is my version of it and how you can make yours look a lil different!
What you'll need : 
  1. Old unwanted t-shirt. (Cotton will not work, make sure its a stretchy top)
  2. Big fabric scissors
  3. Needle and thread
  4. Wired flowers and dangling earrings (optional)

Firstly, cut 5 decent sized strands from the shirt. The size depends on how fat you want your headband to be. A switch up you can do instead of having it all one colour, cut up 2-3 strands from the patterned part of the top and the other from the plain part. This will allow a more unique pattern to your headband. I did mine all white.
Then stretch out the strands like the one in 4 & 5.
Sew all 5 strands together. You can choose to stretch the strands after sewing it together too. I suggest using a machine instead of hand sewing it. 
Right, here comes the tricky part if you don't know a 5 strand braid. I did a 5 strand braid instead of the usual 3 strand. Split your strands apart like so in the picture above.
First, take the piece furthest left (1) and put it over the strand beside it (2). Putting 1 over 2.
Second, put the strand from the middle (3) over the strand number 1. Putting 3 over 1 which now makes 1 the middle strand.
Now we move to the other side. Put the strand furthest on the right (5) over the strand beside it (4). Putting 5 over 4.
After that, take the now middle strand over 5. Putting 1 over 5. Once that is done, repeat the steps back from the left side to the right. If that was too complicated, you can always go onto youtube and search for the tutorials. 
Sew the end of the braid securely.
The braid now looks really ugly with all the horrible hand sewing. Take another piece of cloth from your shirt, cut it into a rectangle or square. This piece will be used to wrap the ugly sewed part.
Sew the piece of cloth on the back of the braid before wrapping it around.
It should look neat after you wrap it around and sew it together. And voila! Your headband is done!  It looks small but don't worry, it is very much stretchable. Hence there was no need for elastics.
That is the basic part where you can get tutorials all over the internet. I switched up mine a bit. Here are three (or maybe two) ways you can wear this head band.
Number 1.
Wear it as it is. LOL. I wore it the hippie way.
Number 2.
Using the wired flowers, put them in between the tiny spaces of your headband. It would look much better with bigger flowers all around it. Flowers are detachable so no worries.
Number 3.
Bohemian style! Using dangling earrings, just hook it on to your headband and there you have it, a dangling boho headband. Also detachable! I love this style most. For this style, I suggest everyone with a side parting to put your hair to center parting before putting on the headband.
Hope you guys enjoyed that! Do show me a photo of your piece if you make one. Nx

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