Back to College

And so it has begun. College started on Monday (the school briefing kinda thing) and it was depressing to know that me and Kie are the only students in Year 1 as of now. Which means we are the only students in our class for this whole year. I thought my social life was bad enough since I tend to be alone but now its worst coz I have no one new to interact with. It's sad honestly. Today's outfit isn't much but I thought I should update my blog on an outfit post.
The head of my school department said that PR isn't a job where you need to dress up and all. In my opinion, any day is a good day to dress up to boost your mood! I feel lazy and sleepy whenever I'm wearing something very plain. I like dressing up and I will keep on dressing up. 
Excuse my steam face, I'm still quite sleepy.
Top : Esprit
Skirt : The Cherryboom Store
Bag : Topshop 
Shoes : Opera
Oh, notice the drawings on the right side of my blog? Yup, drew them! Click on the picture to go to the links! I think it looks pretty cute. Heh.
Till here! Nx

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