Holidays : Paris (Part 2)

Day 5
Last day in Paris. Went to the Louvre Museum, which looks and sounds cooler in french, Musée du Louvre. Went without a tour guide because it was not inclusive of the tour.
Top : Zara 
Outer : Topshop
Bottom : Forever 21
Legwear : Sawks
Those are the front side of the building which was built in the 18th century if I'm not mistaken.
The back of it which was built in the 12th century. If you see it in real life, you can really tell them apart and feel the difference. It was once a royal palace.
This shot was taken from the outside of the building. I'm sharing just a few which are some of my favorites. I don't know all of the names of the paintings and statues so please, if you do, let me know. Of course my family and I didn't manage to walk the whole musuem (estimated, 3 months) and did not see other iconic paintings/statues but it was a good tour.
Winged Victory of Samothrace
The Wedding at Cana
Mona Lisa
Honestly, when people get all hyped up about Mona Lisa I really didn't think it was that great of a painting to be so crazy about before I saw it in real life. When I first laid eyes on the painting at the museum, I swear something about this painting that when you see it in real life just completely sucks the soul out of the other paintings! There is something very special that I can't point out about this painting. Maybe it's the secrets behind it?
Vues de la Galerie de Rome Moderne
If anyone knows the name of this painting please let me know. I absolutely love this. There were other paintings of this picture but this one made me cry. The emotions poured into this painting is indescribable. When you look at this painting in real life, you will be able to feel the sadness and pain. Or maybe I'm just an emotional freak.
Venus de Milo
There is so much more in the museum! I enjoyed myself so much in Paris. People always say that Parisians are rude and unfriendly and such, but the people I met were so so lovely! Not rude at all! However the Parisians that were visiting in London were bloody rude. Next post will be on my continued holiday in London. Potterheads be ready! Loads of pictures. Nx
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.

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