Holidays : Paris (Part 1)

Day 4
Woke up really really early in the morning to catch a train to Paris!
Dress : Topshop 
Outer : Esprit
Legwear : Sawks
Boots : Aldo
We went on a tour which brought us around Paris for one whole day. Our tour guide Sammy was the nicest and funniest. He even mentioned that he had the 'best tandoori chicken in the world' at Kashmir when we told him we were from Penang.
The picture below made me feel very 'Paris-y' I dont know why.
Statue of Napoleon on an ornate pillar.
The famous Arc de Triomphe. Below is a close up.
Not forgetting the Eiffel Tower!
Look at me being a complete retard. I was so happy and excited when I saw the Eiffel Tower!
The view from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. So breathtaking. Thank god they had a lift.
The park around the Eiffel Tower. 
Not sure what building this was. We passed by it while walking to the Lover's Bridge. There were so many locks! It was said that if you wrote you and your partners name on the lock, locked it to the bridge and threw the key down to the river, your souls will be together forever.
Next we went to the well known Notre Dame de Paris.
The building felt a bit eerie but holy at the same time. Maybe because the building is very old. They allowed photography inside but the lights were really dim so my pictures didn't turn out that great. Here are a few of the prettier ones.
I love every bit of nooks and crannies of this building. During my visit they were doing some renovations on the top floor so I didn't manage to go up.
Next our tour guide brought us to Galerie Lafayette. It is the most beautiful and stunning mall I have ever seen in my life. The goods sold are branded goods.
Other than Ladurée, which had the most amazing macaroons, there was a new pastry shop, Cafe Pouchkine. It's the first one in Paris. The cake I tried was so bloody delicious. A must try when in Paris!
Come back for Part 2 before I continue about my London trip! Nx
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.


  1. wow you are super pretty ,love your clothes to the maxxxx , If you have any preloved clothes you wanna sell I'll buy it all !!!! :)

    1. Hahaha thank you! I am actually planning to sell some soon!

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