Holidays : London (Part 4)

Last part of my London trip! Next update will be God knows when. 
Day 8
It was a mother and daughter day. Daddy, cousin and my brother went to watch the Chelsea vs West Ham (I think) game. Went to the Portobello Market which is said to be one of the best. I must say the things sold were really really interesting. A lot of antiques and good quality goods.
Day 9
No pictures today because we left the place lace and had lunch before watching Lion King which was at about 2.30.
Outer : Zara
Top and Pants : Topshop
Shoes : Aldo
Honest opinion about Lion King? Absolutely boring. Even my brother was feeling restless and he is 9 years old! The only thing great about it was the costumes, Zazu and Rafiki. Even Timon and Pumba weren't that good. There was no chemistry between the lead actors and the worst part is BOTH leads cant't sing well enough. It was disappointing. Props were fabulous though.  
Day 10
Not my last day but the next day we flew back already and I didn't take any pictures. Went to Madame Tussaud's before shopping at Oxford Street.
Jessica Ennis. Love her! Favourite athlete! 
PRINCE HARRY. Too cute. 
Heheh Captain America. Damn leng zai.
Well, thats it people! End of my holiday trip. Had the most amazing time over there (still prefer our all year round summer). Next update would most probably be about Christmas already. Planning to make a cover! Till here loves! Nx
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.

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