Holidays : London (Part 3)

Day 6
Slept in a little bit and only went out at about noon/ lunch time.
Top : Topshop
Outer : Zara
Pants : Topshop
Shoes : Office
We went to Camden Town for some shopping! Of course again, didn't manage to walk the whole area but walked a lot. Bought a few things from there. If I ever get to go back to London, I will definitely head back to Camden. The things they sell there are just awesome and so my style. The price is pretty worth it too. Bought a pair of Dr Martens rip off for only £40 when the original is £100! I know I'm a bit of a cheapskate buying a rip off but it was worth it and saved my parents money.
Later at night we went to Her Majesty's Theater to watch Phantom of The Opera. It was the most beautiful performance I've ever seen in my life. The actors, the props, the voices! Just spectacular! If you ever go to London and it is showing, make sure you watch it! There was so much chemistry between the actors. So beautiful I cried.
Day 7
The day I was waiting for...
The Harry Potter studio tour!!! I was jumping with joy when I saw the place! I am a potterhead and shit I was so excited. If you're a potterhead I'm pretty sure you'll know the names to all the pictures! So not much caption this time. The place was honestly big. Of course I can't share all the pictures I took coz there were too many! Here are some of the better shots. 
All the costumes are the actual ones the actors wore!
Remember skele-gro? Grew Harry's bone over night!
THEY HAD BUTTERBEER. OH YES THEY DID. It was basically root beer with butter foam. It was so bloody fattening but it tasted goooooood. Preferred it over normal root beer.
Spot Dobby!
Buckbeak! So adorable I wish it was real. It was mechanical so it was moving! Damn cute!
Olivanders! And I like how my legs look in this picture hehe.
The art that made all the visual effects come to life. All the tiny details that was put into it.
And last but no least, they saved the best for last.
It was so beautiful. Just stunning. It is pretty big honestly. And just like that my day at the studio ended. I wouldn't mind going back there again. It was a dream. Nx
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.

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