Holidays : London (Part 1)

Sorry for not updating for quite a while. My holidays at London was so fantastic! I've a lot of photos so my post will all be in parts. Keep coming back for updates! 
Day 1
On the first day (which was a day after we arrived), my cousin brother took us to Covent Garden. There were two markets there. One had the sign 'Apple Market' and the other 'Jubilee Market'. The Apple Market looked much prettier but I preferred the things in Jubilee Market.
Went to the Natural History Museum after that. The building was so bloody pretty. With the lights and everything. Even the inside of the building was beautiful! Entrance is free.
There were so much to see other than the dinosaurs. I doubt we managed to see everything but we did as much as we could. It was so amazing.
Last stop of the day was Harrods. All the branded goods. Oh I wish I could own one but my parents will never spoil me like that. I saw so many branded goods that I've never seen before in real life. It was all so pretty. So was the price. Bought a Harrods bag which was like, more than half the price cheaper than the branded goods! Haha.
Day 2
Took a train down to Liverpool. Daddy, my cousin and my brother went and visited the Liverpool Fan Club or something like that I'm not sure what. Me and mom went shopping. Hehe.
I look kinda retarded in this picture.
Top : Forever 21
Outer, Beanie & Pants : Topshop
Bag : Longchamp
My cousins friend took us around before we went our separate ways. Went to the birthplace of The Beatles! It was a bit like a lorong but very nice of course.
Went to the Cavern Club where The Beatles was formed. It was a really cool environment  Artist like Adele had performed there.
Till here. Come back for the next part! Nx
*All photos were taken by me. Please credit if used.


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