A Lil' Bit Grunge

Can't believe its November already. The year is about to end. So excited for whats to come in November. Hopefully it will be an amazing one for me to remember. Anyways, gonna help my mom go dress shopping today. I've worn this outfit before but here is a better version.
Found this old hat hidden somewhere in my closet. Pretty cute isn't it? Not gonna wear it out tho. Had to compromise with my mom about my outfit -.-  Decided to put on make up too to complete the whole look.
Top : Topshop 
Shorts : Cotton On
Belt : Forever 21
Shoes : Miss Whatever 
Bag : Zara
Hat : Salabianca
Sunglasses : Topshop


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  2. i loveeee ur shoes. i wanna know the price. pleaseeeee :)

  3. do you have instagram? :)