Froggy Halloween

So, I don't celebrate Halloween and I have never celebrated Halloween before because it's also my mothers birthday. I had made a point to myself that I will not go out for a Halloween party (unless one day there is a super awesome one that does not involve being in a club) and celebrate mommy's birthday. Reasons why I don't dress up for Halloween. This year I thought why not wear something silly out for mommy's birthday dinner. I got ready early today so here is my outfit!
I know it's nothing much compared to most of you guys out there would all be dressed up as either something freaky or just sexy (do have fun partying!) but I think this is quite cute. Hence, some quirky fun poses! Hehehehe.
Nyehehe I even put on make up plus green contacts and green eyeshadow! Haha
Mascarra : Diorshow Iconic Extreme
Pencil Eyeliner : MAC Buried Treasure
Liquid Eyeliner : Body Shop 01
Eyeshadow : Maybelline New York Matcha Mousse Cake
Blush : Bobbi Brown Peony
Top : Forever 21
Skirt : Unbranded
Shoes :
Head piece : SnJ


  1. love this whole outfit!u always look so cute and fit!especially love the froggy hairband,skirt and shoes!!!Keep em' coming!