DIY : Valentino Lace Sunglasses

I was googling different types of sunglasses the other day and I came across this one particular sunglasses that caught my eye. Its a Valentino lace sunglasses. Its bloody expensive and in no way can I afford it. I was staring at it for a moment and thought to myself, what the heck, lets try making one that looks alike. 
The original. Just so bloody pretty and dainty. Ugh.
Right these are what you'll need :
  1. A pair of aviator sunglasses. I guess you can use whichever type you prefer.
  2. White floral/swirly/lace looking type of nail stickers. Please do not use water nail stickers.
  3. A pair of tweezers to make your life a whole lot easier when doing this.

I bought two different type of stickers. Very clearly up to you to get your preferred designs.
What you're gonna do to start of this DIY sunglasses is use your tweezers to gently peel the sticker off, one at a time. If you do not have tweezers, make sure you have the patience using your nails/fingers trying to get the sticker out without ruining it. 
Once you got the sticker out, just simply stick it to the sides of your sunglasses frame. Repeat untill the sides are covered just like the original Valentino.
See how easy it is with tweezers? Seriously, get tweezers if you're doing this. Lol.
TA-DA! The end result! I know its not as fancy as the original but I think it looks pretty good! I honestly really like it and can't wait to wear these. 
Formspring me questions! Oh and if you do make one, don't mind showing me how your end results are? Hehe. Okay back to studying now. Nx


  1. Super lovely ~
    Thanks for the creative idea ~
    Going to make one myself *runs to mall*