Workout : Tiffany Rothe

A few people actually asked me to blog/share about my workout routine and I said yes, at the end of the month. I was suppose to be done with this routine and start a new one but I fell sick for about 2 weeks and wasn't able to workout properly. The antibiotics also made me ate a lot more than I should, therefore, I gained weight. Was so upset about it I ate more. Stupid idea! Because of all that I'm gonna go for one more round of this routine. My routine can be considered different from all you gym-junkies. I prefer my workouts to be more fun, moving and just, more like a dance. One of the best workouts like this were done by Tiffany Rothe. Her workouts just makes you wanna do it over and over again! Its THAT FUN!
Tiffany Rothe is just plain awesome. There are a lot of stories about successful weight loss through her workouts. So this is my work out routine : 
  1. One 10min workout routine by Tiffany at least twice.
  2. The Bikini Abs workout by Tiffany 3 times.
  3. Crunches (basic, reverse, bicycle, vertical) x20, twice.
  4. Tricep dips & Bicep curls x20
  5. Basic squats and deadlifts x20, twice if possible. 
That is basically it. I repeat that every weekday with a different 10 min workout video each day. Sometime I change my crunches routine to different styles like V-Ups instead. 
 The Boxer Girl workout. Very good cardio routine and so much fun!
 The Bikini Abs workout. Simple, easy, and you can still feel your abs working!
I can't say much about how effective my workout routine is because I've only been doing it for about 2weeks? I'm gonna continue with it until the end of August and see how things goes. Here are some progress pictures! Took these after a workout.
 Toner arms. Yes I see some muscles. Hehehe. 
Rather visible upper abs. I still have my lower belly. Trying to get rid of it but its really tough! Honestly, I am very proud of myself getting this far. Anyways, my goal is to be really fit and have a decent amount of muscles. Oh and also to be below 20% of body fat! I'm not the kind of girl who likes to just be skinny, I want to be damn fit. If you guys do try out the routine or just Tiffany Rothe's workout, let me know how it goes! Nx


  1. How long did ya take to get a flat tummy? And do you have any ideas on how to loose thigh fat? Thanks :)

    1. My tummy isn't flat yet but it's better than before. About 4-5months maybe? My workouts were inconsistent and I wasnt on a diet. To lose fat anywhere you have to do cardio. Do squats and donkey kicks to tone up the thigh area.

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