T The Bum

YES YES YES YES YES YES. The day I've been waiting for like 2 or 3 years arrived. My smexy  came back from Canada to pay us all a visit. So happy omg. 
The weather yesterday was so bloody good. The sky was finally clear from the horrible haze. Had to snap a picture of the sea at Gurney Drive. You hardly get a view like this. Met up with Terence at Gurney. I felt like a tiny midget beside him coz he is so tall. Took a walk, got bored and we ended up at Straits Quay coz he hasn't been there yet. Had tea at Delicious.
 This bum couldnt stop taking ugly pictures of me.
Hahaha here you go. My leng zai brother from another mother. He got way more leng zai than he used to be like 3 years back. Even my mom thought so.
 I felt so so guilty eating the desserts. He made me eat coz he wants me to get fat. Psycho.
Macaroons. They were okay. Couldn't finish it so I packed it for my brother.
The Chocolate Melted something something. So bloody amazing. Got us both so full.
Took a stroll. Look at that. Beautiful Penang. Reasons why I don't wanna leave Penang.
The Canadian bum. As he calls it.
Headed back to my place awhile before we headed out for dinner at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Good times singing along with him while he plays the guitar. 
Met up with Danny and his girlfriend at Kayu. Evelyn came by after that. Was a really really good day. Couldn't have enjoyed it better. Can't wait to go out with him when I'm back from KL. Leaving today! Shop shop shop! Till here loves! Nx

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