SHOP SHOP SHOP SHOP. That's what I did during my trip to KL. Shopped so much this time round. Of course, I ate a lot at the same time too. Didn't even work out. Now my belly is bloated and bouncy its so disgusting. Ugh. Anyways, just wanna share some pictures of the stuff I bought!
 Thats all of it. It's quite a lot for me honestly.
Victoria'a Secret is finally open in a mall, not just the airport in Malaysia! Once you step into the shop, instantly you smell the fragance of all the body wash, perfumes and body mist. Best part, it's not a strong smell but very feminime and sweet. Bought a passport holder and 3 cute panties. Hehe
 Earring set from Diva. Love it. 
 I went to Melaka for a short trip as well just to go to Jonker Street. It was so bloody pack because of the school holidays. Worst time to go. Everyone was pushing like crazy it was so gross. Bought a dangling earring (only RM2) and a superman tank top from Jonker Street.
 Aztec top and tight skirt plus crochet shorts from Forever 21.
 And my favourite, Zara. I am madly in love with my new shoes. Its so cute! There wasn't much in Zara TRF this season tho. It was very dull and not eye catching. 
Not forgetting my fat lady pink and blue pillow from Ikea! Gonna put it in my car. So lovely.
Oh and to all my lovely readers who actually like my blog, thank you! I am no professional/famous blogger but I still blog because of you guys who enjoy it plus, I enjoy blogging too! And to the haters who sent me hate, I will not acknowledge you so please don't waste your time. Nx

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