New Addiction

Yes yes, I have a new addiction and I can't wait to make more of it! Bwuahahah. It's time consuming but I love it! I'm starting to go crazy about drawing my designs on phone covers. Nowadays people have Samsung S2, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone4, iPhone4s etc. What I have? An iPhone3Gs. No one sells pretty/fancy covers for iPhone3Gs anymore. So one day I thought, why not draw myself a cover? Bought an plain phone cover and TA-DA! Inspiration hits and I design!
This was the first cover I drew. Took me quite some time to finish it. It's pretty detailed and I honestly am quite proud of my finished work. Didn't know I had it in me.
 Today I dug up another plain phone cover. Got bored of studying so I started drawing again. 
Just a beginning photo for some of you who do not believe I drew it. Check out my gifboom (@ncavien) for the process of this cover! It's also on twitter. 
The final product! Something different. I prefer this cover over my first one. Planning to but more phone covers this weekend plus coloured Sharpies! Can't wait to draw more of these. I think I can make a living out of this LOL. Oh, my blog ratings have dropped drastically. Just wanna know what you guys wanna read on or see more on my blog. Formspring me maybe? Nx

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