Everyone seems to be 'chalking' their hair recently. Chalking is the new trend for temporary dye which is easy and simple. It lasts for quite some time as long as it doesn't get wet. I thought about it for a very long time if I should try doing it. So I finally did it and here is a pictorial for you guys!
What you need : 
  1. An old shirt that you wouldn't mind getting pigment on.
  2. Pastel Chalks (not oil pastels or chalkboard chalks)
  3. A spray bottle with water to ease the process ( I didn't have one)
  4. Straightener/Curling iron

Choose a colour of your choice. I chose this light turquoise. You can get these chalks from your local art store or go to a stationary shop under the art section. Quite easy to get honestly. 
Section your hair bit by bit and spray water onto the strand making sure its really wet. Twisting your hair section can help improve in colour and also its way easier to chalk your hair like this.
Start chalking your hair when its wet. Chalk chalk chalk. I wanted to only do my ends so I only chalked there. Most people would prefer to do more like 'streaks' instead. Clearly your choice.
That was how my hair looked after releasing it from the twist. Turned out pretty okay. Repeat these steps on all the parts of your hair you wish to chalk.
I got a lil messy. Haha.
I used the hairdryer to dry my hair instead of letting it air dry which will take up a long time. After your hair is dry, use a curling iron or a straightener to curl/straighten the section of chalked hair
Hope this was a bit helpful. However, here are some tips to help your process of chalking
  1. The chalk pigment can transfer to your shirt even after it has dried. Try wearing a colour the same shade as your chalk.
  2. DO NOT put any sort of serum/wax/gel on to your chalked hair or you'll end up with a greasy mess.
  3. If you want the colour to stay on a lil longer, try spraying a bit of hairspray.
  4. Do your very best to NOT brush your hair after it has been chalked or the pigment will go away. So it's best if your hair has been brushed nicely before chalking.
  5. Before you wash out the pigment, make sure you brush your hair as much as possible so that the chalk pigment is removed for easier washing of the hair.
  6. Make sure you use conditioner to nourish your hair from the chemicals of the chalk.
I have made a plan that I will do Red, Blue and Yellow streaks on my hair for Merdeka. Can't wait!


  1. wow that is so cool!Denise here by the way.Love the way it's so simple to do.Pls post ur merdeka hair too!

    1. I didn't manage to do the merdeka hair. but thanks!

  2. hey, where did you buy your pastel chalks? i went to places like Young Ones and Popular. But they only sell those blackboard chalks. :S

    1. I bought mine from popular. Go under the art section. Should be there. "pastel chalks" :)