Little Purchases

YAYYYYYYYYYY. Bought two new tiny rings today. Only cost me RM20. Worth my cash yo! Bought this from i-Square at Gurney Plaza. Its dainty and just lovely!

How I wish the tiny little diamond was real. Now wouldn't that just be lovely hm?
Added these two rings into my collection of pretty rings!
LOOK AT MT RINGS. Hahahahaha. Its little for a few people but to me its quite a lot. Tiny and dainty or big statement rings are my fav!
Also, bought two new pieces from Topshop the other day. It was on sale and I couldn't resist but to enter. Oh the glory of Topshop. Most of the stuff were still pricey tho.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DRESS. Last piece in my size. Hehe.
This translucent top is super worth it. The details are so pretty plus the pearl-like buttons make the top look super dainty and just sweet! My style! Till here loves. Nx

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