How To : Sheer Top

Someone asked me the other day about how to wear sheer tops. Honestly, its really up to you and how comfortable you feel in what you're wearing. I have quite a number of sheer tops but most of them are black in colour so there really isn't much see through. I recently bought a new white sheer top (you'd notice from one of my previous post) and I thought why not share with you guys a few ways to wear a sheer top that is acceptable in Malaysia.
1. Black bra. Its honestly one of the simplest ways to wear a sheer top. In Malaysia, I suggest that you do not wear a colourful bra because our culture here aren't as open as the Westerns. 
 2. Nude bra. Make sure your nude bra is about the same shade as your skin colour. If its any lighter or any darker it would look a bit weird having weird brown boobies walking around.
 3. White tank top. For those who are more conservative and more shy about their body, you could always just put on a white tank top underneath your sheer top. Covers up your body nicely!
Choose one way on how you would prefer to wear your sheer top and style away with your bottoms, shoes, and everything else! No doubt there are many different ways to pair your sheer top with different bottoms. Here are two of my favourite style.
 Pairing it with a high waist skirt and strappy heels. I always make sure my top is a bit loose out from my skirt so that I wouldn't look too skinny and also to cover up any excess fat layers!
 Pairing it with a pair of shorts and casual heels. Added a touch of colour with some lovely long necklaces. It makes the outfit look less dull and it's not too much. I would prefer a darker shade of shorts over lighter shade when wearing a white sheer top. There is more contrast to it.
Sheer Top : Topshop, Long Pants : Topshop, Shorts : Topshop, High Waist Skirt : Zara, Necklaces: Accessorize, Light Brown Heels : Forever 21, Black Strap Heels : Zara, Brown Casual Heels : Bata (its damn cheap!)

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