Heritage Day 12'

Before I start off this post, I wanna apologize for the horrible quality pictures. I didn't bring my camera and took all the pictures using my phone and also some pictures taken from Jia Yen. We weren't there to have a visit but we actually volunteered which means, not much pictures. 
Right. On the 7th of July was Heritage Day. There was a festival going on to celebrate it for 3 days. Me and Jia Yen volunteered to help out on the 7th of July which was the main  day. We did a lot of walking and did our job rather well. Before we had to head to our area in charge, we visited the Rescube Exhibition which was absolutely STUNNING
Everything was so well done and the aura at the place was just great! 
We were stationed at this little temple called Goldsmith down Muntri Street. We did alot of walking to get there. Not much really.
Just some pictures taken of the beautiful heritage site of Penang.
Our next task was to help out for the Food and Crafts Bazaar that had so much going on! The food available were cray! Everything looks delicious. Just mouth watering. There were a lot of other activities that went on that day. 
Madly talented artist were everywhere. I wish I was as talented as them. They were amazing.
Me with the pretty lovelies Jia Yen and Yeo Wen. Overall a good and fun day plus we did a good deed helping out! Loved it. Nx

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