Inspire : Marilyn Monroe

So from the last post I mentioned that my next drawing was Marilyn Monroe so here ya go! My main reason why I wanted to draw her was because of her crazy beauty and of course for how much she embrace her body! The was she shows so much love for her own body was amazing. No doubt her body was crazy curvy. She is so beautiful. It was a sad death for her.
 I chose this picture because I thought it really showed her sexuality but also her beautiful side. Idk what I am crapping about but I love absolutely love that picture of her. Here is my version.
It's honestly no where near the original picture but still am quite proud of this piece. Next up will be Nicole Kidman which I actually took a break from to update this post. Stay tuned for my version of the Australian beauty! Nx

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  1. I LOVEEE Marilyn and you did a lovely tribute to our sweet angel! :) <3