Inspire : Audrey Hepburn

I've recently decided to start a little project of my own. To draw portraits of beautiful women that are iconic or inspirational. I didn't really thought about it but then I was like, what the hell, why not. I have another week to go with nothing to do so yeah. So right, the first picture I drew was of Audrey Hepburn. To be frank, I don't know much at all about her. One thing for sure is her style is ever lasting. I love her style so much and she is just so beautiful. I only watched one of her movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's but of course, her acting was well done. She is more of an icon than an inspirational person to me personally. Okay I really love her style!!
I chose this picture because it's one of her most famous pictures and of course I love the mood in this picture.
My version. It's not as good as many others but I'm damn proud of this drawing. Love the quote as well. Please leave comments or formspring me about my drawings. Really want to know what to improve on. Hope you guys enjoyed. Next up will be Marilyn Monroe. Remember not to miss that one haha. Nx

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